Day 2

It is now Day 2 of the trial and I am overly pleased with how well its going.  I will definitely be pursuing a permanent  stimulator as this is going so well.  I have NO pain down either of my legs.  I used to have pain in my left foot and pain from just above my right knee all the way down into my foot and up the back of my leg.  This is all gone.  I also used to have back pain about six inches high starting just above my buttock.  That is also gone.  My pain in both areas had a characteristic dull throbbing ache to it and there is no dull throbbing ache.  There is still some acute pain in my back, but that is from the procedure.

Don’t forget they put two leads into my epidural space and moved them around to make sure they had stimulation to the areas they needed, but they had to move them which is key because there is very little room to move things in the epidural space.  So that is the source of some of my pain.  The other source is where the epidural needles sat for 2 hours and now where these wires are coming out of.  I’m not sure if there is a suture holding them in as my doctor spoke to my mom while I was still coming out of the anesthesia and then passed by while I was working with the rep to program everything, so I really never got a chance to talk to him.  My mom told me that he said they got everything into the spot they needed to, but they had to play with the leads a bit.  He was pleased with what they accomplished and hopefully it will take away my pain.

Now tomorrow (Monday)- which is day 3- I meet with the Boston Scientific Representative to do some reprogramming and tweaking of the stimulator.  I know two things I want to work on are evening out the sensation as my Left leg stimulation is stronger than my right leg.  My left leg stimulation also comes up higher along the side of my abdomen which I want to see if we can get down to just my hip, which in talking to the rep, she thinks we can do that.  The also usually take off the programs you didn’t like and leave the programs you did like and give you some more programs to play with for the rest of the days.  I have at least 3 programs I love.  One is the program I sleep in, the other two are more for when I’m up and around depending on what I’m doing and which sensation I want at that time.  You just know what sensation you want to help soothe your pain.


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